This toolkit has been developed to assist communities in the planning, implementation and evaluation of community engagement activities and has been developed with the assistance and permission of the Coastal Co-Operative research centre. Chapters include subjects that range from how to find the right tool to the Delphi study to stakeholder analysis. Their are various appendices and websites listed .

When Why
Analyzing Assessment
Comprehensive Analysis
Implementing Community Infrastructure
Cultural and Arts
Human Resources
Natural Resources
Social Capital
Organizing Engagement
Partnership Building
Project Team Building
Planning Action Planning
Project Management
Visioning Check_mark
Reviewing Community Feedback
Process Evaluation
Project Evaluation
Topic Green
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Authors State of Victoria, Department of Sustainability and Environment
This tool was made in Australia
Publisher The Community Engagement Network Resource and Regional Services Division
Date Created January 2005
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Source Document Title Effective Engagement: Building Relationships with community and other stakeholders - Book 3 the engagement toolkit
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