"This chapter provides practical tools for local governments and the community groups they work with. There are two checklists: • The first outlines six steps for getting started on a community garden or community garden program"

When Why
Analyzing Assessment
Comprehensive Analysis
Implementing Community Infrastructure
Cultural and Arts
Human Resources
Natural Resources
Social Capital
Organizing Engagement
Partnership Building
Project Team Building
Planning Action Planning Check_mark
Project Management
Reviewing Community Feedback
Process Evaluation
Project Evaluation
Topic Balanced
Tool Details
Equipment/Facilities Needed
Expertise Needed Not Specified
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Authors Herb Barbolet, Vijay Cuddeford, Janine De la Salle, Linda Geggie, Karen Rideout
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Publisher Centre for Sustainable Community Development
Date Created November 2011
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Source Document Title Dig it! A practical toolkit: How local government can support community gardens
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